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Absolutely anonymous, untraceable transactions in blockchain.

Morelo stands for anonymity and untraceable transactions, thanks to RingCT developed by Monero. You are Your bank, and only You can control your founds.

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Programming Experts

Our programming team have years of experience. Especially in blockchain technology.


Our project is highly supported by community. We are implementing new features based on community's voices.

Fast transactions

In our network transactions are processed like thunderbolt, due to low blocktime and fast servers.


Transactions in our blockchain are encrypted by default, providing privacy and untraceability.

Welcome to Morelo

Morelo key features

Blockchain technologies that our network and software is using.


Morelo using RandomARQ algorithm. This algorithm is variation of RandomX algorithm developed by ArQmA developers.


RingCT, short for, Ring Confidential Transactions created by Monero developers, makes transactions anonymous and untraceable. It also hides transaction input, outputs and amount.


Morelos blockchain decentralization is supported globally by individuals, granting network operations independent from private and/or institutional organizations.


Morelo provides a complete range of cross-platform software ready for deployment. Our software permits a simple and secured user experience supply, ticker, algo. mostly is already added

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Morelo software downloads

Here you can find our latest software to download from our github repositories. Including Morelo node software, cli-wallet for Linux and Windows. You can also try our BETA Gui Wallet.

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